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ABS Avalanche Airbag US


Protection Hub

In 1985 ABS revolutionized winter sports with the invention of the avalanche airbag. Since then the company has pioneered safety equipment for snow sports enthusiasts. Under the motto Protection in Adventure, ABS stands for more safety in winter sports. In our Protection Hub you can find out more about our airbag and release system, read experience reports on avalanche incidents and refresh and check your avalanche knowledge.

ABS Technologie Airbag System


It is like many other areas - the standard equipment is the least that should be available. With a functioning avalanche transceiver, a buried person is always found, but in many cases no longer alive. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to leave it at the standard equipment, but to additionally carry the ABS® avalanche airbag, which can prevent a burial in case of an emergency. ABS relies on the proven pyrotechnic ABS® release system paired with a unique airbag system with two independent airbags in a volume-optimized form. You can find out how this technology works and what makes it so extraordinary here.

Lawinenwissen Check your skills


What could be better than skiing on a cloudless winter's day to a lonely summit or the first turns on an untracked slope? But even the most beautiful playground can conceal many dangers. To make sure you are safe on the mountain, we have summarized the most important points concerning avalanche safety in 10 chapters. Whether you are a first-time avalanche enthusiast or just want to refresh your knowledge, ABS Protection Hub is the right place to go!

Check your Skills


Unfortunately, avalanches with buried victims occur again and again. Our customers and athletes have experienced some themselves and explain how important it is to invest in a functioning avalanche airbag and how they survived thanks to ABS® technology.

To the Experience reports


Even the best products cannot help if they do not work or are used under the wrong conditions. It is our responsibility to make sure that all our products are developed according to the best technical conditions and are certified. It is your responsibility to have your product checked and serviced regularly and to inform yourself sufficiently before you go out into the field.

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