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From airbag pioneer to holistic partner

As the inventor of the avalanche airbag, ABS revolutionized winter sports in 1985. The whole Team is happy to present 35 years later a new brand image with a completely new portfolio.

"Enjoy your wild" - Our new claim describes a feeling we want to inspire and which can mean something different for everyone. The passionate freerider feels it when he is just climbing the last meters of the slope before a wide, untouched snowfield opens up in front of him. But so does the ski tourer, who in the silence perceives only his own breath and the rays of light that fall to the ground through the snow-covered branches of the trees. It can also be an "enjoy your wild" moment to strap on your skis after work and take a tour up the mountain with a headlamp. Surrounded by untouched nature and living out our passion, we feel unrestricted, free from everyday life and worries. It is not only the activity itself that inspires us, but also the whole attitude towards life - experience, knowledge and planning. Because the anticipation of the adventure in the mountains already starts with the preparation, when you search for the best tour for the next day with your mobile phone in the evening or check the avalanche report and your equipment first thing in the morning.

These moments can now be experienced with our new products, designed according to the principles of simple & safe - light & fast. For the first time, we are launching other products in addition to an avalanche airbag backpack and can now support the customer's mountain experience holistically under the motto "Protection in Adventure". Our ski touring day backpack A.CROSS is our first backpack without ABS system. With its minimalist look and functionally well thought-out details, it is considered the ideal companion for piste and off-piste skiers who are travelling in secure terrain with consideration and style. With A.SSURE, our avalanche protection equipment, consisting of a shovel probe and first aid kit, we complete our portfolio around the topic of safety on the mountain and also show what minimum pack size really means. The product A.WAY, a combination of App and Beacon is our first digital product. The app offers the customer an All-in-One solution for the terrain - with tour planning, safety knowledge, weather and avalanche reports, Equipment Check, Service- and insurance booking with an optimal user interface.